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Welcome to my website! I am an avid entrepreneur/inventor, soldier, and actor. I built this website in order to showcase some of my adventures, projects, and challenges that I face. 

I have a background in product management, business development, and strategic planning from my experience in government, the military, non-profits, and as an entrepreneur.

So far, I have created and attempted to launch two startups (one in the biotech space and one in consumer SaaS). The experiences have taught me so much and have further strengthened my resolve. Recently, I find myself working on a new venture and will most definitely be posting project updates in my blog section. 

Additionally, I love acting and am eager to jump on any project that may require actors! 

Lastly, I love to travel and pursue objectives that end up turning into long scale adventures. In fact, I would credit that love for my decision to join the army! Check out my mission log for more updates on my travels. 

The point of this website is to build collaborations, meet new folks, and learn more through shared ideas. Please reach out and we will grab some coffee (or green tea in my case)!  



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