I always felt that writing was an escape. I found out that this was true. 

Here I have posted some of my manuscripts, short stories, poems, and much more!

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My 1st book of poeTry

This is basically free, so please hit me up for a copy!

From Amazon: The first leap into the literary field of poetry by the author. He debuts this collection of poems that chronicle the views and situations of everyday life in the eyes of a high schooler. Set to different songs of an earlier time this collection of poems pairs poetry with music. Each song (if listened to by the reader) sets the stage for each poem. This collection of poetry is a broad look at the missed opportunities and lessons learned of a high-school youth. A ridiculous pseudonym and a lost pursuit of identity pair to create each story on good days, blank days, and of course bad days. So click on your Spotify or YouTube Music app, grab some headphones, and jump into this medium of novice thought.


Future Novel

This space will hopefully soon be occupied by my first novel. Something to do with something I have not thought of yet..


My Medium BLog

Occasionally I write something interesting. I will try and double-tap without overkill to this website. 



These are white-papers and reports that I have written that are focused on policy reform and business. 

Check them out!


FDA Regulations on Generic Pharmaceuticals


San Francisco Homeless Policy: Prop N, CARE NOT CASH (2002)

Venture Projects

This section includes updates and galleries of startup projects that I worked on in the past.

Feel free to contact me to collaborate or offer insight!


Zeus Photobiotics: A medical device startup to treat diabetic foot ulcers and neuropathy in patients.